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Ki Movement Pilates

We believe that Pilates is for everyone and collaborate with our clients to make sure each experience in our studio brings multiple benefits to them and their overall health. It’s not a short fix; it’s a workout for life.

It’s not a short fix; it’s a workout for life.

Pilates has countless positives;

  • helping to improve posture,
  • anatomical alignment,
  • core strength
  • and mind body connection.

By prioritising functional movement, control, stability and flexibility, the exercises and equipment are purposely designed to create long, lean and toned muscles, adding value to each and every person’s wellbeing.

Founded by Sara Colquhoun, a fully qualified instructor with more than 10 years teaching experience, Ki Movement Pilates Studio offers small group classes (with no more than four students), duet sessions and individual sessions, with a focus on creating programs that fit individual needs and goals.

We believe that Pilates is for everyone

From injury rehabilitation to everyday aches and stresses, the talented team work with clients at all levels starting with beginners all the way through to elite athletes working to condition and cross train their bodies. Every class varies and is tailored to suit each person’s unique journey by Sara and her team.

Our Ki Movement Pilates studio in South Melbourne is the perfect place to practice Joseph Pilates’ teachings, combined with our contemporary exercises to create a balanced body, mind, and spirit.

We look forward to seeing you here soon!!!

Ki (noun)

Chinese from qì, literally ‘air, breath’.

Qì è Chi è Ki

The circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health.