Meet the team

Sara Colquhoun

One of the most accomplished Pilates instructors for her age, Sara Colquhoun has been training in Pilates since the age of 14, and teaching since the age of 17, her clients include elite AFL players and Australian Ballet dancers.

Sara’s background as a performing artist in dance – attending The Victorian College of the Arts after moving from Sydney at the age of 18 – led her to the natural progression of becoming an instructor.

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After completing her diploma in dance and performing arts, Sara pursued a career in Pilates under guidance of Pilates International.  She is now the proud owner and an active instructor at Ki Movement Pilates located on Clarendon Street in South Melbourne.

Throughout her teaching career Sara has trained AFL players from the Western Bulldogs, Australian Ballet dancers, VCA students, Musical theatre performers (Jersey Boys, West Side Story), Cirque de Soleil artists, all the way to radio presenters.

Sara’s highlight in her career to date is the recent accolade of winning the international competition to become the next Pilates Anytime instructor. She is one of the youngest instructors to join such an elite group of trainers on the site with direct lineage from founder of the movement, Joseph Pilates. Pilates Anytime is a global platform that has viewers from all around the world who will be watching and performing Sara’s classes.

She has big plans for bringing knowledge of body awareness, general health, well-being and an education of Pilates, along with communicating the benefits it has across all aspects of functional movement to everyday life.

Instagram and Twitter: @Pilates_Sara | #Pilatesbysara




Lorraine is a local to the South Melbourne area, and is intricately connected to the community. She has been teaching in South Melbourne since 2010.

Through her love of exercise Lorraine was introduced to Pilates and found it was great ‘cross-training’ for the endurance and running events she was pursuing. Pilates has helped ensure she can continue her active lifestyle and training.

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Lorraine has a very varied client base, enjoying working with like minded “otherside of 40” men and women who also enjoy a healthy active lifestyle or who are still competing in some form.

Lorraine also sees a large number of active agers who have many different conditions. Her caring and compassionate nature guarantees that they not only receive an exercise program that caters for their personal needs, injuries, fitness levels and abilities, but also an opportunity to connect with other locals in a friendly, supportive and at times entertaining environment.

Lorraine has three busy and over scheduled children and with that has developed a keen interest in the needs of teenagers and how Pilates is becoming almost a necessity to support their heavy sport schedules and the impact of technology on their posture and well being.

There is in fact no spare time in Lorraine’s week with three children who compete at an elite level in numerous sports, chauffeuring them from session to game every night and weekend, but if there were any time you would find her with her beloved dog Chilli on a beach or a track somewhere, or researching new exercises for each and every client.


When Anastasia started Pilates she instantly fell in love with the method, and decided to turn her passion for Pilates into a life long career.

Anastasia fell into Pilates due to her Determination to overcome a mild knee injury in late 2007.

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With the completion of her Diploma of professional Pilates instruction in 2009, Anastasia remains as passionate as ever and is keen to share the enjoyment Pilates has brought her with the wider community.

Anastasia enjoys working with a wide variety of clients such as People rehabilitating injuries, Pre and Post Natal clients all the way through to your normal healthy bodies looking for a great conditioning program in their week!

Now a busy mum to her gorgeous daughter, Anastasia stays in shape with her own pilates classes every week. This inspires her to keep her clients motivated to learn more and push their bodies to new levels. Don’t be fooled by her loving nature she may even lean on her Russian heritage for a bit of toughness when needed.


Hi! I’m Stacey and I have been teaching Pilates for 4 years now and I’m also a qualified Myotherapist. I have been working in the Myotherapy field for 8 years.

I draw on this extensive experience and knowledge with my programming and I like a challenge. If you take a Pilates class with me you can expect a detailed but strong workout. I like to take a holistic approach to my Pilates teaching so my clients leave feeling the whole body benefits of Pilates. Creating specialized programs to suit each clients individual needs and goals is something I am extremely passionate about.

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My friends and family would agree I say things how they are but I like to think of it as truthful and honest. I use these qualities to assist my clients to stay on top of their goals and help them keep up their motivation each week!

Since becoming a mum I have become an expert in children’s parks, nursery rhymes and Pilates workouts which involve a toddler as resistance.

I love to escape the city whenever I can and head back to my roots in country Victoria for some clean air and open space.



I started Pilates when I was 19 after a serious car accident left me with a broken back. It was part of my rehabilitation but I loved the method and what it taught me about my body so much that I started going regularly. Pilates gave me the opportunity to challenge and strengthen myself while also giving me time to zone out of the busy outside world and focus on myself.

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I love that Pilates can be used in so many ways to cross train the body, rehabilitate, release the mind and bring greater awareness to how we move on a daily basis.

Pilates has continued to help me throughout my life. As a keen triathlete I train hard and push myself to extreme levels to get the results I want in each race. This takes its toll on my body and I now use my Pilates knowledge to rehab a hip injury of mine. It’s a great way to challenge my body and keep it moving when I’m not training and I’m looking forward to competing in the next season. With the added benefit of my Pilates training I feel strong and have a greater mind body connection.

Recently I’ve been taking time out to study a Diploma of nutrition. I’m interested in understanding how food helps fuel the mind and body and think that combining this knowledge with my Pilates teaching will allow me to help my clients live an all round healthy lifestyle.

My Pilates sessions tend to combine strength and an element of stretch and mindfulness to help clients switch off from their every day stresses and tune into the class. I want every client to have more mental clarity and body awareness when they walk out of the studio, but also think exercise needs to be fun and that elements of light heartedness make a session more enjoyable and relaxed. Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously all the time and I like to keep my clients moving by doing what feels good for them.

When I’m not teaching, studying or training, I love going back home to the Peninsula and getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city to catch up with friends and family. I’m a nature fan and can often be found on the beach or walking through the bushlands of Cape Schanck or Flinders.